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It truly has been a long and winding the Beatles song says. Life is funny that way. 

At the same time I was "tricked" into being on the high school newspaper, I was also starting to talk to high school groups about dysfunctional family systems. 

After graduation I was offered a position a a freelance writer for a local newspaper. Within two years I was ready to write the Great American Novel and so headed out to the Great Plains to have some peace and get to work. 

What I didn't count on was that at 20 I really didn't have the depth of life experience and reflection required to write what I wanted to write. 

My abortion story took me down some different paths. Like Ben in "Almost Daddy", I moved all over the place, tried different jobs, different relationships and different lives. 
Eventually I found my way home and to recovery. That step of faith led me to speaking, writing and leading recovery groups. 

Today I am a husband, father, grandfather, carpenter and teacher. Most importantly, I am growing in relationship with God the Father, Jesus and the Spirit. 

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Almost Daddy

Finding Forgiveness Greg Mayo book cover

Finding Forgiveness


Reader Reviews

I am very grateful to have read this book. I plan to have copies of this book on hand to give to those men out there that has had this event in their past. It really is an eye opener! It truly is a blessing to read.

Sherrie Smalling


Greg captures the heart and mind of the man who becomes a father, only to find himself with empty arms. As a society, we make men feel that they have no voice in the matter of abortion.  Greg does a wonderful job of drawing us into the process of recovery and finding peace.  Thanks, Greg, for allowing your story to be one that unlocks the path to healing!

Sue K

Director - Hearts Restored of Clarity SC Indiana

Almost Daddy is a book that delves not only into a hard and painful life experience but is written from the "dads" perspective - while still giving the reader an inside view of the emotional toll on both parents...I felt that throughout the book, God had people nudging Ben towards the right path...For anyone who's gone through this experience, this book shows that you aren't alone.




Critical Praise for "Almost Daddy"

The prospect of Ben turning out highly successful in life looks like one any gambler would be foolish to bet against. Smart and resourceful, the high school senior in his final year also has high hopes for his future until he hits a major snag. He gets his girlfriend, who is two years his high school junior, pregnant. On her mother’s advice, they opt for an abortion. Both lovers’ young hearts cave under the pressure of their action, and they ultimately part ways. Ben is now a man secretly running from the intimidating shadows of guilt and shame. His frantic attempts to fill the gaping hole in his heart lead him down a dreary path of darkness, loneliness, and recklessness. No one understands why this once-promising young man is on a downward spiral, not even he does. But it all began after he almost became a daddy.

Almost Daddy by Gregory Mayo is a fictitious story centered on the trauma of losing a child to abortion. It’s a sensitive topic that has caused divisions in many quarters. Interestingly, Mayo doesn’t approach the issue from either standpoint we often see, the two extremes of right and wrong. He’s more concerned with pointing out the effect of the act on the people involved. To do this, he weaves a deeply touching tale.

The book takes us on a journey through the complexities of emotions and how unresolved issues can shape our lives. The prospect of dealing with the pain that comes from major negative experiences tends to chase us into the arms of escapism. We try to numb the pain or distract ourselves, but it’s buried deep somewhere, choking us ever so gently, till we begin to gasp for breath.

Mayo writes in simple, clear language but tells an intriguing story still. His work is yet another proof that great writing is not just about the words you use but how you use them. I was so caught up in the story that I felt I was reading a true story, maybe because the story felt authentic.

By making his characters come alive, Mayo ensures that you are emotionally invested in the story. I was steeply immersed in Ben’s life and followed his journey keenly. At a point, I wished I could have barged into his world and forced him to make the decision that would have changed his life. That’s was how badly I wanted to see him turn a positive corner!

I really liked the thought-provoking quotes at the start of every chapter. They are concise statements packed with profound insights relevant to the story. My favorite has to be the one from John Lennon, “one thing you can’t hide is when you’re crippled inside.”

If there was an award for “an impressively tactful novel on a controversial issue,” I would nominate this book. Almost Daddy is an heart-felt and emotional novel. If you enjoy fresh, fact-based opinions conveyed through immersive stories, you’ll love this book.

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